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You can pick up Some Great BBQ Sauce while satisfying your appetite at The Smokin’ Little Diner or you can order online from TheSmokinLittleDiner.com.  In addition to the great BBQ, chicken, ribs, pies on our delicious daily Menu, we also offer Catering.

In 2003, we accepted the challenge of a simple barroom bet – the bet to create from scratch a better BBQ sauce.  It had to be unique, distinctive, and capable of tantalizing the taste buds, from the home cook to the backyard BBQ king.  We put our hearts into the challenge and have won awards for our efforts.  We now invite you to take our hearts creations to your grill pit.  May you enjoy our gourmet BBQ sauces as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Some Great BBQ Sauce will change the way that you think about great BBQ Sauce one delicious bite at a time!

VOTED – Best BBQ, Best Original BBQ Sauce, and Best Creative BBQ Sauce.

Made With Natural Ingredients: gluten-free, no preservatives, no fructose corn syrup.  Made and bottled in Lancaster NY.


Original, Apple Chipotle, Apple Cinnamon, Bourbon Street, Branded Cherry, FireBerry, Kickin “Q”, Mellow Mandarin, and Sweet Chipotle

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